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Headache-Tension headache

Headache- Pressure headache: 

Headache-Tension headache
Pressure headache is a general pain in both sides of the head with mild to moderate intensity. Pressure is felt on the head, pressure on both sides, or lists on all four sides of the head. This headache can last from 30 twinkles to many hours, indeed many days. Paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen can be used in moderate pain to reduce. 

Causes of headaches and ways to relieve:

It's possible to diagnose the type of headache by understanding why and what causes this problem. Two veritably well-known causes are migraine and pressure. Eighty percent of these are pressure-type headaches. Migraine is responsible for 11 percent. The causes of headaches are smoking, alcohol, medicine dependence, irregular and inordinate use of sleeping capsules, sun or hot rainfall, inordinate physical and internal exertion, hunger, stress, and so on. So, in order to get relief from this problem, first of all, we've to change these habits. 


Women suffer further from migraines. Migraine symptoms generally do between the periods of 15 and 18. Lasts from 40 to 50 times. Symptoms of migraine headaches include 

 Pain on both sides of the head. Pain on one side can beget pain on the other side. 

 The pain can last from four hours to 72 hours. 

 The blood vessels on either side of the head are pulsing. 

 No work can be done duly in the intensity of pain. 

 Light or sound increases the intensity of pain. 

 Pain may be accompanied by nausea or vomiting. 

Before the pain starts, light dancing, crooked lines, etc. may appear in front of the eyes. 

 The intensity of pain decreases when lying in the dark. 

Pressure type headache: 

This headache is due to the compression of the muscles of the head. The symptoms of this type of pain are 

There's a pain in the head. 

 Feeling you have' Run out of gas emotionally. 

 The pain isn't as severe as migraine. 

 This type of headache can last from many hours to many days. 

This pain is related to anxiety, family or professional or emotional stress. 

What to do:

Colorful anodynes, similar to paracetamol, can be taken to get immediate relief from headaches. Peptic ulcer medicines must be taken with anodynes. Inordinate anodynes can also beget headaches. This problem is called drug overuse headache. So it's better not to take anodynes constantly unless absolutely necessary. It's possible to get relief from this problem by taking some long-term drugs on the advice of a croaker. 


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