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Brain Tumar Symptoms

 Brain Tumar Symptoms, Type, Diagnosis, Causes & Treatment:

Brain Tumar Symptoms

One of the different problems of the brain is the tumor. Abnormal cell mass or growth in the brain can lead to tumors.

There are different types of brain tumors or tumors in the brain. Some of these can be cancerous tumors. Brain tumors may first start in the brain. Cancer starts in other parts of the body and its effect can also be a tumor in the brain.

If there is a tumor in the brain, it can grow much faster. And if it does, it can also affect the functioning of the nervous system.

The signs and symptoms of brain tumors vary widely. And these changes depend on the size, location, and growth rate of the brain tumor. Here are some common signs of a brain tumor:

1. Brain tumors can cause headaches or changes in new types or types of headaches. In addition, the number of headaches can become more severe day by day.

2. May cause nausea or vomiting for no reason.

3. Brain tumors can cause vision problems such as blurred vision or double vision.

4. The ability to feel or move on one of the legs or arms may gradually decrease.

5. Problems may arise while speaking.

6. Feeling very tired.

7. It can be difficult to make a decision.

8. Tumors in the brain can also cause changes in personality or behavior.

9. In many cases, brain tumors can cause convulsions. However, the history of such incidents is very rare.

10. Hearing problems are also caused by brain tumors.

If you have such problems, you should consult a doctor immediately. And it would not be right to ignore this issue at all. Because it can lead to cancer and even death.

how long before brain tumor symptoms show

It is often seen that the patient has experienced this problem for months or even years before the tumor is detected. And he has been neglected thinking it is amnesia '. Abnormal nausea and vomiting may be symptoms of a brain tumor.

Brain tumor symptoms headache

Brain tumors can cause headaches or changes in new types or types of headaches. In addition, the number of headaches can become more severe day by day. 2. May cause nausea or vomiting for no reason.

Brain tumor symptoms neck pain

Headaches have nothing to do with where cancer has formed in the brain, but usually, if there is cancer or tumor in the back of the head or in the occipital area, the headache will be felt in the back of the head and neck. Another major symptom of a brain tumor or cancer is convulsions.

Brain tumor symptoms in the teenager

Many times the headache is more in the morning. As well as the patient's nausea or vomiting and visual impairment we can take it as a symptom in all tumors. In addition, many other symptoms may occur in the patient. The patient may have convulsions or weak or numb arms or legs on either side of the body.

Types of Brain Tumors

There are two main types of brain tumors, such as:

Binain, meaning cancer-free

Malignant, meaning cancerous

Brain Tumor Causes

Brain tumors can occur for a variety of reasons. Brain tumors occur when there is a defect in the DNA of normal brain cells. The body's cells constantly divide and die. Which is replaced by another cell. In many cases new cells are formed but it is seen that the old cells are not completely destroyed. As a result, these cells clot and have the potential to become tumors. Brain tumors are often inherited. That is, if the father, mother or relative has a brain tumor.

Diagnosis of brain tumor

If the above symptoms appear, you should go to a neuro medicine or neurosurgery specialist as soon as possible. The following tests are helpful in diagnosing the disease:

CT scan and MRI of the brain

Electro encephalography or EEG to look at the functioning of the nervous system

Nerve conduction test or nerve conduction test or electromyography

City Guided FNAC

However, the MRI method is the most advanced and advanced test for diagnosing brain tumors.

Treatment of brain tumors

The treatment of brain tumors is extremely complex. Treatment depends on the type, severity, size, and location of the tumor. The main treatments of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Some medications are given based on the symptoms. Such as medicine to stop convulsions, medicine for vomiting, etc.

Treatment of brain tumors is extremely expensive. The general question is, what is the treatment of brain tumors in Bangladesh?

It is being successfully treated in hospitals in major cities of the country. At present, it is possible to operate on any type of brain tumor in the country. This disease can be treated in our country at a much lower cost than in other countries. Even our neighboring country India can treat brain tumors at a lower cost.

However, in our country, a concerted effort is needed to make the treatment of this disease easier. It is possible to prevent this disease by raising funds for treatment, mutual support, mental empowerment of the victims, and raising awareness among the healthy.

Take care, stay healthy.

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