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Vegan Protein Sources

The best vegan protein source:

Vegan Protein Sources
Vegan Protein Sources
In addition to meat, fish, dairy products, or eggs, it is possible to get enough protein from plant-based foods. Depending on the level of daily average activity, a person needs 1,0-1,6 grams of protein per kg. This means about 70-113 grams for a 70 kg person.

There are many plant foods rich in protein. Also, experts agree that a well-planned plant-based diet provides all the necessary nutrients, including protein.

Nuts and seeds are naturally rich in protein. The amount of protein they serve 28-30 grams is as follows:

Walnuts: 4.5 grams

Almonds: 6 grams

Cashews: 4.5 grams

Chia seeds: 6 g

Flaxseed: 6 g

Flax seeds: 9.5 g

Sunflower seeds: 5.5 g

Pumpkin seeds: 8.5 gms

The milk yield of plants is increasing. But these are not all sources of protein. Protein content 1 cup (240 ml) of plant milk has the highest protein content:

Soy milk: 6 grams

Pea milk: 8 grams

Lemons, like beans, peas, and lentils, are great sources of human protein in a plant-based diet. The amount of protein in half a cup (80-93 g) of different canned vegetables is as follows:

Black beans: 8 g

Pinto beans: 7 g

Chola: 7.5 gms

Kidney beans: 8 g

Lentils: 8 grams

Beans: 8 grams

Vegan meat goes beyond packaged plant-based burgers and hot dogs. Soy foods and a variety of packaged vegan meats provide about 4-20 grams of protein per serving.

Cereals are a lesser-known source of plant protein but are also useful for protein supplementation. The protein content of half a cup (100-126 g) of cereal when cooked is as follows:

Quinoa: 4.5 grams

Brown rice: 3 grams

Bajra: 3.5 gms

Oats: 3 grams

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