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Autism-autism symptoms-cause of autism-autism treatment

What is autism, why does autism occur and what are the symptoms and treatment of autism?

Autism-autism symptoms-cause of autism-autism treatment
April 2, World Autism Day. Autism is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. Which hinders the mental and physical development of children. Most people are unaware of this disease. Therefore, World Autism Awareness Day is observed on 2nd April every year with the aim of raising awareness about this disease.

What is autism?

Autism is a disorder that is affecting more and more children. In that disease a child has difficulty establishing social relationships. Normal communication with the surrounding environment and the person through gestures etc. also causes communication problems and behaviors also change. The problem that causes a child to become physically and mentally impaired is called autism or autism spectrum disorder.

Autism is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. The problem is that the infected person fails to establish normal communication and social relations with ten other people.

Causes of autism

Although autism is a neurodegenerative disease, no specific cause has been identified so far. However, some factors are seen as the cause of autism. In particular, some people in the family have autism problems, more anxiety during pregnancy, not getting enough sleep, excessive medication, maternal smoking and alcohol-related infections during pregnancy such as mumps, rubella, measles, etc.

Also lack of family relationship with mother during pregnancy, having a baby at an older age, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia.

Autism can also be caused by low birth weight babies, inhaled toxic lead in pregnancy, complications during childbirth, and maternal and child malnutrition.

What are the symptoms of autism?

The main problem of a child with autism is language. So people with this disease have trouble mastering the language at the beginning. For example, not being able to pronounce ‘ma-ma’, ‘ba-ba’, ‘bu-bu’, cha-cha, ‘ka-ka’, ‘da-da’ etc. within one year of age.

Many children have mild to moderate mental retardation, as well as a lack of physical growth.

The child's inability to speak two meaningful words in two years. In the case of some children, it is difficult to talk. Some children start talking but then gradually forget.

The child could not keep an eye on him. Not responding when called by name. Suddenly become agitated. The child's mental instability is high. As well as depression, anxiety and lack of attention.

Children with autism are very sensitive or unresponsive to seeing, hearing, sound, smell, taste, light or touch.

Having trouble mixing with other children of the same age and not being able to mix with adults and not being able to caress or give. Not even being interested in anyone and not being able to change facial expressions according to the environment.

Trying to be alone all the time. Trying to be like yourself in a certain place in the house.

Affected children may not be able to share with others anything they like or enjoy.

Repeat what you hear from others and do the same thing over and over again.

Choosing to follow one's own routine, not tolerating any change in routine. The tendency to hurt yourself and not understand the importance of the situation.

When does autism manifest?

In most cases, the symptoms of autism appear as soon as the child is one and a half to three years old.

Problems that may be more:

In addition to this disease in children with autism, there may be various problems such as convulsions (epilepsy), lack of intelligence, hyperactivity, inability to do hand work, dental problems, digestive problems, inability to chew food, etc.

What is the treatment for autism?

There is very little idea about autism in Bangladesh. As a result, many people cannot diagnose this disease at the beginning. As a result, treatment is delayed. Experts say that autism is not a disease. This is a problem with the full development of the brain. Which hinders a child from making social connections and relationships?

But these children can improve like other children if they can quickly identify and take specific treatment according to the characteristics of the child. First of all, the treatment of the child should be started with the advice and counsel of a specialist doctor. Then according to the characteristics of the care, education, training and if necessary to take medicine for some special problems.

All developed countries of the world have limited use of drugs for behavioral problems, hyperactivity, restlessness, self-harm, convulsions or irritable mood in children with autism. This medication will make him fit for training and help reduce collaborative problems. 


Take care, stay healthy.

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